2023 – Schepens acquires Colacel

We are pleased to share a pivotal moment in our ongoing commitment to providing you with outstanding packaging solutions. The acquisition of Colacel BV, a leading name in ecological packaging for exceptional customer service, marks a new era for us.

What does this mean for you?
📦 Expanded Product Range: Enjoy an even wider range of packaging solutions, including eco-friendly options and innovative designs.
🌟 Enhanced Customer Support: Our commitment to excellent service remains unwavering, now backed by additional resources and expertise.
🌿 Quality Guarantee: The high-quality packaging you rely on continues to meet or exceed your expectations.
🤝 Seamless Transition: Continue to place orders and count on us without any interruption during this transition period.

Please note that Colacel is now fully integrated into Schepens Verpakkingen, and the company name will no longer appear. Nevertheless, the commitment to serve you is stronger than ever!

We are grateful for the trust and loyalty. We look forward with anticipation to this new chapter with Schepens Packaging and the opportunity to continue to provide you with exceptional packaging solutions.

For questions or additional information, please feel free to contact us. 📞📧