About Us

What we do

Expertise and Customization

Schepens Packaging is a dynamic company that profiles itself as an expert in packaging. It originated in 1982, and has grown over the years into a fixed value in the packaging industry.

We specialize in the editing and processing of flexible (printed) packaging materials such as: paper, OPP, PE, Cellophane, PET and so much more.

Completely tailored to the customer, the mother roles are cut into customer roles, sheets or punched formats, all with the utmost care.

It is this customization, in combination with our extensive product knowledge, that makes Schepens active in several European countries, even outside Europe.

Schepens Packaging is active in the flower, meat, food and industrial packaging industry.

And why we're so good at it

Quality and Innovation

Over the years, Schepens Packaging has built up a strong name in the European packaging industry. This is because we consistently invest in innovation, and thus always guarantee the highest quality to our customers.

The Team

Carlo Vanhove

General Manager

Carl Vanhove

Sales & Operations

Ralph Vandenbogaerde

Purchase & Quality

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